UNREQUITED LOVE- The Other Kind Of Hell But You Can Overcome It

Catching feelings is the easiest part of love, you find yourself infatuating towards your best friend or someone with whom you share a strong bond. People often say that regretting is painful than waiting & this provoke us to take the next step even if it is difficult for us. And when it does not go as you thought it would be you wait for them to reciprocate the same for you. But instead, they say that they did not think about you more than a friend. One-sided love is a kind of hell. But no matter how painful it is, it can still be overcome. Every problem has a solution it all depends on our thoughts and how we deal with them.

  • Let yourself grieve- you are not alone
    Rejection hurts, your heart gets broken- not literally but there is a pain in your chest & your whole body feels heavy. Still try to be kind & allow yourself to recover. Do not pretend that you are not okay and keep all inside you. Let yourself fully break before you can get better. Do not pull yourself down instead manifest your time and energy into self-love. Surround yourself with people who love you and remember you are not alone.
  • Figure out the reasons for rejection
    Try to assess your past history of rejections. Maybe you need to improve yourself somewhere to avoid this happen to you again. But do not pull yourself down. Just because someone rejected you does not mean that you are not smart, attractive, or lovable enough to get their love in return. Take time to choose and trust people before letting them in your life. Because you might get hurt later even if they reciprocate your feelings initially.
  • Think about the person also who was not able to return your feelings
    Sometimes people reject you because of their past experiences in love. You should understand that it is not easy for them also as they may suffer guilt or anxiety. Never take situations on yourself altogether. Sometimes things are not like as we think they are. Try to think and understand patiently. See all the sides of the situation then only come to any conclusion.
  • Maintain distance from the person who rejects you
    Being around the same person who rejected you will not help you get through this hell. Even if you both mutually decide to remain friends, it is a good idea to create some distance between you and the person to let you work on yourself. Do not worry about coming off cold because this will help you to put things into a healthier perspective. You will find this difficult at first but eventually you will rise stronger than before.
  • Accept the situation but do not give up on love altogether
    Instead of letting the emotions drown you, channelize them into productivity. Use them as guide that can help you write the next chapter of your life effectively. Or you can take some time to travel and give yourself some love too. You can also get indulged in something new to distract yourself from the heartbreak. Accept the situation and let it go. Do not hold onto it, it does not work for anybody. Just remember only you can pull out yourself from this. Do not give up on love. Life is unpredictable and has a funny way of bringing new people to us. Never lose hope. Have faith in your destiny. One day you will meet your soulmate and that person will be the answer to all your unanswered questions and the reason of all that happened.
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