Do Fight but Don’t Stretch It Too Long

A fight is nearly inevitable in relationships. It is never possible that you will always agree with your partner. However, if you still wish to be together you must know the process to make up after you fight. You must approach your partner when the matter has cooled down. If you approach him/her before he/she cools down then your efforts might turn out to be fruitless. The chances could be that you start fighting again. Hence, the best thing would be to remain far off from one another’s sight. It is also important to provide each other sufficient time to realize that you do not wish to break up but makeup.

Why do partners fight?
Fights mostly occur because of the breakdown of communication. Couples fight because they fail to understand each other properly and both of them try to prove himself or herself right and at this point, they remain adamant too. Sometimes, a small fight leads to abuse. The main reason behind heated arguments is the differences of opinion. Most of the time, the couples do fail to agree on a specific matter and this results in an argument. Again, if this is fuelled by ego it results in a fight and sometimes some words that are spoken can’t be taken back.

How to make up after a fight?
This is a grave problem to make up post a fight. For this, couples need to make a serious evaluation. They must sit down plus have a thoughtful talk about their problems. Additionally, they ought to set their priorities if they wish to continue their relationship. They must calm down when they have had gone through a fight and should brood over the things that resulted in a fight. They must ask themselves some questions like:

  • Has the love vanished that had united them once?
  • Are they getting selfish in refuting his/her partner?
  • What are the points that separate their thinking?
  • Whether or not they differ in every matter

When the couple discovers answers to these probable questions together then it can be said that they are on the verge of resolving their relationship problems. Actually, nothing is really impossible if tried honestly. In a fight, the persons involved should try to see reason plus adjust for healing wounds. If you become a little humble then it won’t do any harm to you. Remember, nobody’s perfect and everybody has got flaws. Understanding plays a key role in solving fights. You shouldn’t magnify your partner’s flaws as it could lead to many serious problems later in your life.


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